DME Securities LLC Selects CFO Squad to Offer Clients Complete Financial Solutions

Posted by Riverwhite2016

NEW YORK, N.Y. – (May 5th, 2015) DME Securities LLC, an investment banking firm, has announced that it has selected The CFO Squad to offer outsourced accounting and financial business services to its clients.

The CFO Squad and DME Securities relationship will offer clients a complete financial solution to support growth and innovation at each business stage.

“DME Securities traces our roots back to the mid 20th century and continues today to be a proud member of the FIRNA, SIPC, and the New York Stock Exchange,” said David Elias, President and CEO, DME Securities. “Our banking and financial relationships allow us to represent our clients with the highest level of compliance and satisfaction.  Adding The CFO Squad to this selective list of relationships enables us to further this commitment to our clients.”

“We are excited to offer our CFO services with DME’s investment banking solutions to clients in order to streamline the process toward helping them achieve their business and financial management goals,” said Joseph Himy, CFO Squad Managing Director.

For organizations that are publically traded or are looking to go public, the ability to demonstrate strong financial controls and best practice financial management and reporting can be a critical component of a successful underwriting and capital raise. The CFO Squad will help DME clients achieve this, and through a low-risk, flexible cost structure.

“The CFO Squad partnership aligns with DME’s strategy to offer only best-in-class services to our clients, which can now extend to accounting and reporting capabilities, giving our clients a real advantage when looking to raise capital, and attract investors,” said Bryan Feinberg, Director of Investment Banking for DME Securities. “It’s just a good fit that yields many synergies to unlock new innovations and improve efficiencies and success for our clients.”