Quality and Performance

The CFO Squad prides itself on producing high quality work. This is why our premier source of new clients is through our current and past clients as well as through our clients’ auditors.  When choosing the CFO Squad, you work with a handpicked group of our professionals whose expertise matches your specific business needs. Our services are tailored to your unique set-up and with a small group of our selected professionals; we empower and support your staff in a nonintrusive way, enabling your core staff to outperform themselves.

The CFO Squad streamlines the audit process, saving our clients time and money and delivers quality results in a timely manner.

Our outsourced accounting program supports businesses with services ranging from bookkeeping to high-level accounting. Our team positions your company for profits and growth.

When making an acquisition decision, you need a team capable of delivering deep due diligence by providing management with strategic and operational analysis.

Our seasoned professionals have navigated through many real estate cycles and are proficient with all asset classes. We deliver high quality services-timely and economically.

Need a tailored solution for your business needs?

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