The CFO Squad Tracks 56% Growth YTD in 2015

Posted by Riverwhite2016

NEW YORK, N.Y. – (May 27th, 2015) The CFO Squad continues to report strong growth into 2015, tracking increased revenue by 56% YTD for its outsourced CFO services to small and fast growing companies.

The CFO Squad is a professional service firm specializing in outsourced accounting and part-time CFO services to primarily small and fast growing companies, including start-ups looking to raise capital or go public.

“We are in many ways disrupting the market, bringing the same hi-quality accounting and financial management services typically only enjoyed by large enterprise  – to the small business, even start-ups,” said Joseph Himy, Managing Director CFO Squad.

In the past, smaller organizations, or ones experiencing fast growth, could not typically allocate the necessary resources to maintain a full-time CFO and back office accounting staff.  The CFO Squad addresses this gap, offering a ‘pay-as-you-go’, part-time consumption model that a client can flexibly map to their specific financial business requirements.  This may include a new product launch or evaluating a merger, preparing for an audit, delivering SEC schedules and reports, or planning and responding to other important financial events faced by the company.

Enabling the small business to focus on their core competencies rather than the back office is driving strong growth for the CFO Squad in 2015.  Among the key drivers have been its Virtual SEC Reporting services, which provide a flexible, lower cost option for public companies to outsource the preparation of their annual SEC Form 10K and quarterly SEC Form 10Q’s.

In addition, the CFO Squad launched two new verticals with its Tax Advisory Services and Bookkeeping Services in the first quarter of 2015, helping complete the financial management lifecycle that clients can outsource.  These new verticals enable the CFO Squad to offer additional services to private companies, and helped create the need for the CFO Squad to hire additional staff throughout 2015 in order to support the growing demand for part-time, outsourced CFO work.