Posted by Joseph Himy

NEW YORK, N.Y. – (November 2, 2020) The CFO Squad, ( a premier provider of outsourced CFO and financial business services to both private and public companies, will be a featured guest on the national radio show “Out of the Question,” featuring in-depth interviews by host Richard Solomon. The nationally syndicated radio talk show will air on Friday November 13th, 2020 at 9am ET, on WLIR (92.7FM).

Two senior executives from The CFO Squad—Chief Operating Officer Jay Cardwell and Senior Manager Yoni Novak—will detail the process of preparing for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and the essential role the CFO (or outsourced CFO services provider) plays.

Mr. Cardwell is an expert in SEC financial reporting and tax compliance. Mr. Novak is responsible for overseeing The CFO Squad’s clients audit preparation process and technical accounting. Together, they bring a wealth of expertise on how to minimize and avert typical pitfalls and stumbling blocks on the road to an IPO. They will also share some of the hands-on experience they have had with helping to take some of their clients public.

Surprisingly, the COVID epidemic has not slowed down The CFO Squad’s activity. “We’ve seen a big uptick in activity since the COVID epidemic first hit this spring for S-1 filings, SPAC’s (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) and sourcing capital overall,” said Joseph Himy, Founder and Managing Director of CFO Squad.

“Pent up demand and some sense of urgency to file before the presidential election are some of the drivers. However, the rules and preparation work needed has evolved in this new business climate, which necessitates unique corporate finance and accounting expertise. This has led to a spike in demand for the kinds of services we offer at The CFO Squad,” Himy said.

“Out of the Question” host Richard Solomon has had a long and illustrious career interviewing musicians, celebrities, business leaders, and just plain folks with fascinating stories. He has covered such high-profile events as Fleet Week, Book Expo, The Fancy Food Show, and The Restaurant Show. Solomon consistently finds people who have both knowledge and interesting stories. As he puts it: “Phenomenal subjects, phenomenal guests.”

“Out of the Question” is Solomon’s one-hour in-depth talk show that takes listeners behind the scenes to explore the brilliant insights of musicians, artists, business professionals, medical experts, historians, and people with unique career paths and knowledge

The CFO Squad delivers best practices through a cost-effective, flexible business model and a top-tier financial and accounting management team. To date, many organizations have engaged the company to navigate complex strategic financial transactions, comply with financial regulations, preparation of financial projections and budget, audit preparation, and better mitigating overall business risk.

The CFO Squad’s Jay Cardwell and Yoni Novak will discuss effective IPO strategies on Richard Solomon’s nationally syndicated radio show “Out of the Question” on WLIR (92.7FM) on November 13th at 9am ET.

Increased market volatility in 2020 and evolving accounting standards the last few years has correlated with consistent, double digit year-over-year growth for The CFO Squad. An increase in number of technical accounting projects related to ASC-606 revenue recognition and new lease accounting rule ASC-842 have helped drive this demand, alongside audit support and SEC filings and reporting.


Founded in July 2013 by Joseph Himy, the CFO Squad is an accounting consulting firm which offers CFO-level talent on an outsourced and cost effective basis. The CFO Squad was created with a dual purpose: to assist public companies with the ongoing responsibilities of being a public entity and to help private companies achieve public status. The company has expanded to include a multitude of additional services—servicing the private sector, providing tax services, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions and quality of earnings.

In the last year alone, our company has grown at a rate of 45% of revenues and we anticipate meeting our goal of continued growth of 20-25% this year. We are gaining market recognition through our quality of work, quality people and pride ourselves on adding value to the companies that we work with. We look forward to expanding our company in the area of part-time CFO work and meeting our future growth plans. Please feel free to reach out to us directly at and at 845-613-3394 for more information about the CFO Squad.