Care Security Systems Chooses CFO Squad To Build a Better Future

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Grows Business and Increases Profits with Outsourced CFO Services

NEW YORK, N.Y. – (September 2, 2014) Care Security Systems, a leading provider of corporate security solutions, helps keep their clients’ physical assets safe; and when it comes to protecting its own financial assets, Care Security looks to one of the fastest growing CFO outsourcing firms: The CFO Squad

Two years ago Care Security Systems was looking for a more professional and usable operations facility, and to also gain improved visibility and control over project costs and profitability.

The CFO Squad came in and advised Care Security on streamlining their bookkeeping and adopting a new modern job-costing software solution.  Together this has helped the company generate more winning bids, drive efficiency with daily operations, and maximize billable hours and profitability – all while delivering great customer service.

“Our goal was to not just implement a solution, but to teach Care Security’s own in-house accounting staff to use these new financial tools and reporting capabilities to make better decisions each and every day,” said Joseph Himy, Managing Director of The CFO Squad.

Care Security was also in need of a new building and operations facility.   The CFO Squad provided the necessary financial reports and budgetary planning to successfully obtain 3rd party funding, in addition to coordinating with Care Security’s legal team and other stakeholders.  The CFO Squad team also structured several tenet rental contracts for some of the planned vacant building space, absorbing a portion of the project costs.

“The last few years have been transformational for our business, showing the strongest growth we’ve had to date during our 20 years of operations”, said Abe Schwab, Vice President of Care Security Systems.  “Our ability to capture this growth effectively and manage the related risks that come with it has been in large part due to our partnership with The CFO Squad. “

The CFO Squad delivers outsourced accounting and financial business services to help small and midsized organizations navigate important financial decisions, challenges and opportunities without the burden of taking on a seasoned CFO full-time.  This unique model can help all companies, even those with the tightest budgets, by providing access to the highest quality CFO talent – just when they need it the most, at a low and predictable cost.

Key Financial Advisory Services provided to Care Security Systems:

  • Business Plan
  • Forecast / Projections
  • Budget
  • Commercial Real Estate Acquisition
  • Commercial Real Estate Loan
  • Automation of Payroll Entry
  • Scheduling Systems Analysis
  • Strategic Advice
  • Investor Meeting

“Our business model at the CFO Squad is similar to that of popular technology trend of ‘cloud computing’, except we are delivering professional accounting and business services instead of software” said Joseph Himy.  “We are there just when you need us, and you can easily scale our services up and down to always match your changing business requirements.”

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About The CFO Squad

The CFO Squad is a premier provider of a wide range of outsourced accounting and financial business services to both private and public companies, designed to add significant value to a company’s financial health and performance through a low-risk, flexible cost structure. Clients can choose from a comprehensive suite of financial and administrative management solutions for their business. The CFO Squad has a team of seasoned professionals with over 100 years combined experience as public and private company CFOs, including diverse experience in SEC regulatory compliance and reporting, corporate finance, operations management, strategic planning, raising capital, managing and improving cash flow, and handling regulatory and compliance projects.


About Care Security Systems

Care Security Systems is a commercial security systems provider, with an emphasis on top quality service. Care Security Systems provides commercial security systems for businesses across the U.S. We will also assess, design, and install commercial security systems Care Security Systems has been in the Corporate Security business for over 20 years and is proud to show its proven track record as a provider of cutting-edge Video Surveillance, Access Control and Fire and Burglar Alarm systems.   For more information visit: