Richard J. DeCicco, Chairman/President

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and let you know how happy I am with CFO Squad. I have to say EVERYONE is an absolute pleasure to work with. I cannot say enough about Etan Israel and how he is truly a special person. I would not have been able to file our last Q without him. The other members of your team are also wonderful, and I know this all starts at the “Top”.

Stephen Brown, CPA

I highly recommend CFO Squad for their exceptional financial reporting services. Their team consistently delivers outstanding results, professionalism, expertise, and dedication. With their proactive approach, knowledge of regulations, and commitment to excellence, they have become a trusted partner. CFO Squad surpasses expectations with comprehensive assistance, covering crucial aspects such as tax disclosure, accounting memos, and outsourced tasks.

Charles S. Arnold, CEO & Chairman

After acquiring Stemtech, an innovative health company, I employed Joseph Himy and his team at the CFO Squad to lead Stemtech in going public and receiving its PCAOB audit. Joseph, Jay Cardwell, Etan Israel and their team went above and above to ensure that Stemtech is not only stabilized but is thriving. I have much gratitude for Joseph, Jay, Etan and their team at the CFO Squad. It is due to their judicious work and proficiency that the companies I operate are achieving tremendous success.

Gregory Wagner, CEO

“CFO Squad assisted in the preparation of the company’s financial records through an overly complex public listing via a reverse takeover (“RTO”). CFO Squad did a remarkable job in delivering a timely and compliant combined set of financial statements, while ensuring subsequent standard financial audits were handled with efficiency and care. CFO Squad’s dedication to detail and partnership is a true testament to Joseph Himy and his team. CFO Squad is our trusty accounting partner, the services they provide are high-quality, the staff are top notch and we are very happy with the relationship.”

Alex B.

Our company had been utilizing CFO Squad’s services since 2019 and have found CFO Squad to be tremendously helpful. Their highly qualified team prepared all our financials and completed them to perfection. In 2021, we brought some accounting in-house and since then, we use CFO Squad for specialized work. The CFO Squad team are stars. They work quickly and are always available to us. They understand what needs to be done, conduct necessary research and deliver proper documentation. They save our company much time and money rather than having to do it in-house.”

David Allen, CFO

I have great comfort using CFO Squad team of experienced accountants. They provided me with a multi-level team that tackles all areas of accounting. They have proven themselves to always get the job done timely and judiciously. I’m a successful CFO of a public company because CFO Squad is supporting me. They have incredible attention to detail and the work was always completed promptly and accurately.

John DeMarco

I want to thank everyone at the CFO Squad for their commitment and dedication. CFO Squad was with us every step of the way in the M&A process. Your professionalism & expertise in a variety of accounting, tax and financial matters impressed our bankers & Investors. Your assistance had a direct impact on our ability to obtain our funding and close on our first of many target acquisitions.


“The CFO Squad has been overseeing our books and records from inception and I love the way they are set up as our outsourced accounting department. My team gets to remain agile and I get to keep low overhead costs, but we still have access to a team of accounting experts. Our books and records, financial projections and tax filings stay accurate and up to date which makes all the difference in the world for a startup like us. I highly recommend the CFO Squad for doing a great job maintaining our financial records with all the integrity, client service and professionalism I can count on.”

David B. Newman

Just wanted to give you a very big thank you!
The CFO Squad team jumped in right away and helped us with our transition.
Your team of experienced, highly qualified, and talented accounting professionals helps save the day. The savings alone has also been significant.

Joseph Moscato

Joseph Himy, Jay Cardwell and team at CFO Squad are in my opinion the absolute very best in what they do. Companies can only hope to have a seamless, cohesive, outsourced, full capability, company, bar none, like CFO Squad. This was the smartest move I ever made bringing on these most amazing seasoned professionals.