With the CFO Squad, you’ll get a long-term business partner. We provide organizations experienced CFO-level talent on an outsourced, part-time basis of the cost for a full-time position. We select industry professionals based on your corporate structure. To get started, even before you engage us, we review your financial statements, especially the balance sheet, to understand the financial condition of your business. Then we perform a high-level review of your cash, operations, and accounting, revenue and expense systems. Prepared with this information, we share a snapshot of your business and together we decide on next steps and tailor a solution to fit your needs. Our goal is to help your company’s leaders understand why the business is performing at current levels and then work with you to develop and execute the steps necessary to maximize your company’s future financial performance.


The beginning of each engagement, regardless of the size or complexity, begins with an assessment of the Company’s unique business needs and issues. Our assessment involves discussions with the Company’s business leaders and a review of the financial and management data. During this process we will work with the company to determine what the expected outcomes should be and to develop the planned course of actions. Solution Offering and Proposal – Based on the assessment, we will come to a mutual understanding as to what should be achieved, the expected time frame, the deliverables and the CFO consultant to best meet your needs and the expected budget. Deliverables will be reviewed with the client before finalizing the proposed implementation plan. Commence Engagement – Upon the mutual agreement of the engagement terms between the CFO Squad and the company, the engagement is commenced with a “kickoff” meeting. The Kickoff meeting begins with an introduction of the plan with the company’s personnel to establish a unified team approach necessary to achieve the planned course of action.


Your CFO consultant will commence and complete the project within the expected time frame. They will provide you with a written weekly progress report and communicate with key business leaders on a regular basis. Our goal is to exceed your expectations as to a return on your investment in our services. During this stage we also train your personnel as necessary as to the implementation of any tools and processes.

Measurement & Monitoring

Working in conjunction with your personnel we develop the data, financial reports, operating reports and the benchmarks necessary for you to monitor your company’s results on a continuous basis.

Adding Value

We add value by taking a more proactive approach to our offerings and services for our clients. Primarily we help our clients become more successful and profitable. Our clients can earn a more steady cash flow and differentiate their firm in a value-added manner.

Association with Legal Counsel

While we cannot directly provide legal services due to professional licensing limitations, we have a network of top notch legal professionals which our clients can engage at previously negotiated reduced billing rates.

Alliances with Service Providers

We have a network of companies that provide services such as XBRL filings, transfer agents, investor relations firms, insurance brokers, hedge funds, human resource outsourcing firms, investment companies, bankers, venture capital and broker dealers.

Network of Accounting Firms

Our network includes strategic alliances with accounting firms both regional and international. The purpose of these alliances are to secure preferred pricing levels for our clients and to ensure the firms employ technically competent and credentialed staff who will provide excellent service for our clients based upon their needs.

Experienced Personnel

We have access to a database of personnel that have a minimum of 10 years experience in public accounting, industry and consulting. We have strong relationships with experienced tax preparers and accountants to ensure that we are providing our clients with the best solution for their business.

Mission Statement

To deliver a superior caliber of consulting service that differentiates The CFO Squad from other consultancies and establishes us with a reputation as a prestigious, highly sought after professional services group.

Industry Expertise

The CFO Squad has a combined 100 plus years of experience with the business and financial concerns of several key industries. This depth of industry knowledge allows us to become a true partner with our clients. The CFO Squad has industry experience in numerous areas, most notably, but not limited to: Manufacturing, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Computer Software and Hardware, Scientific & Technical Instruments, Financial Services, Drug Delivery. Natural Resources, Communication Equipment, Banking, Commodities, Telecommunications, Consumer Products, Broker Dealers, Computer and Data Security System Services.

Business Development and Advisory Financial Services

In addition to our CFO and general financial services, our team has deep experience with transactional support. We also provide Equity Capital Advisory, Mergers and Acquisition Advisory and Execution and IPO Planning and Preparation.

Corporate Finance

Equity Capital Advisory

Our team has extensive experience in raising institutional venture capital. Our access to venture investors is unparalleled since we actively work with a wide range of venture capital firms. In assisting our clients, we Provide CFO level support in capital raise transactions, we identify, contact and negotiate with new funding sources and we work with our clients to develop the marketing and diligence infrastructure required to support the transaction (investor presentations, executive summary, financial model).

M&A Advisory and Execution

We provide a wide range of merger and acquisition advisory services (buy and sell side). Given the experience of our staff we have the ability to structure our relationships with clients to be as comprehensive as a particular transaction demands. We can provide turnkey buy or sell side transaction execution, strategic and financial planning, due diligence assistance and support and integration services.

IPO Planning and Preparation

Our team has extensive experience in the company, underwriter and accounting sides of the initial public offering process (as well as the alternative markets of reverse mergers). We provide skills that can speed up the front end of the IPO process at a dramatically lower cost. These skills include, but are not limited to the preparation of the financial model, the required due diligence, the kick-off meeting presentations, drafting of the Form S-1, roadshow preparation and attendance, and extra internal finance team support for the audit proc